Straight Type

Prime introduce Pneumatic Torque wrenches in single and two speed in Straight and Angle design, suitable for variety of application of nut bolt tightening.

Features of prime pneumatic straight type torque wrench

  • 6 Bar compressed air, consumption under max. power : 600L/min;
  • Powerful and low noiseless than 80Dba under max. power;
  • Set and control torque by adjusting the pressure on air register;
  • Accuracy:±5%, repeatability: ±1%;
  • Optional digital air register, torque precision:±3%, repeatability: ±1%;
  • Compact planet design, small size, higher torque/weight ratio
  • 4-way type of power control system, large-span torque;
  • 7-vane type high performance air motor, high efficiency, no impact torque can be continually output;
  • Design of reverse pressure-bias motor provide the max. power and torque in reversing mode, satisfying the request of higher torque when loosing bolts;
  • Positive/reverse button by single hand, switch valve of TOUCH type;
  • Excellent performance of continuous running can meet high workload.